My mokoko seed experience be like

The barricade incident


Mines ‘remember you pick one, you have to collect them all or you’re just wasting time’

collects it anyway


man i hate those things. not so bad if they at least but an HP bar on it but as it was when i did it we just attacked it well i did and then more people started to show up THEN once it broke we had to use song to get out which imo is dumb.

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I suffered. But I prevailed! Praise the sun :sunny:

Yeah adding a visual indicator would make a big difference, but not for all of the ones hidden in dark zones.

naw just the gate ones. the other ones in the dark zones are kind of easy to figure out once you understand how to get through them. the only other issue with the seeds rn for me is some of them i can’t get back out idk if it’s bugs or if they intentionally made it that way but some where you have to defeat mobs just to unlock the jump pads i have been getting stuck on lately as once i get in the mobs respawn and i guess they want me to kill them again to unlock the jump pad again which i mean is kind of impossible unless you have 2 people. other then that got to teleport out

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That’s nothing… The real challenge for Mokoko hunters is in Rohendel! :rofl:

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Oh no I haven’t started my hunt there yet :sob:

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Just started doing this now x_x