My opinion on stopping bots

when people buy gold from websites they usually get the gold from mail or trades. Why doesn’t amazon cut that feature. stop a way for players to transfer funds from account to account. I’m just a guy behind a screen thinking their opinion is valid, but wouldn’t this severally limit or even cut gold sellers completely?

lol they can use auction house …they smart 2 only affect real players

Auction house should be easier for the devs to track suspicious transactions. So cutting mail feature would still be good because real players rarely use that feature. Mainly players donating to streamers have used it.

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bro image u bought 40k gold u can put ring at price 13000 13000 and 14000 they use multiple account to purchase ur ring make no sense bots still won some real player wannad make real gold with high end gear so u never know if is real player making money or bough gold from 3r party market