My opinion why africa is not in the list

hello guys i hope you are great … as i think the reason thats why this game dont include africa because of that they dont know if it will be worth if they publish a great into a poor countries … and what made me think like this is even if you think its just a game and you play it for some fun its for amazon and smilegate is a business so they must make sure that they will get something in return the same like if anyone want to open a market will he open it into a dead place where just a few will buy from him or into a crowded place where he is sure that his business will get bigger there … so we must make them think that its worth it to publish the game at africa by showing them how many ppls want to play there game … thats why when you call an amazon support that you are from africa and you want to play the game they respond we will tell smilegate that some african players want to play the game and thats why when they saw how many ppls from south america and Australia they added them to there list … that is my personal opinion so it maybe right and maybe wrong … thanks

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Thats not an opinion but an assumption. Opinions are made from available informations you have.

And these things are usualy much more complicated than “its not worth for them”. In the first place it has something to do with licenses and if Amazon simply doesnt get any of them, out of reasons that maybe are even more political than economical, then they simply cant publish the game in specific countries. Look at Belgium and the Netherlands as an example for more complicated reasons.

I think depending if LostArk will be a success in the west, it will get more likely that they will expand their list of supported countries even more over time. :slight_smile:

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Assumptions are also formed on available information. The difference falls into normally an assumption is your guess on something… your guess on why something is, or why something works a certain way. You are right this would be an assumption but because he is guessing about a situation based on his available information and what he knows of other similar things.

An opinion still based on available information but also your outlook on the world is more about your take on something. How think and or feel y because of x. You think people should act this way because of x and so on…

People think their opinions are right, they don’t as much think their assumptions are right because assumption just means you are taking your best guess.

i know that i might be wrong but i really want to play this game so i am trying to figure out why its not going to be available for me play and try to do something

yep as i said i maybe wrong but explain why they suddenly added south america to the list and said the same we have no plans to add any countries to the list and then suddenly they added it ?

Your guess is as good as mine =P But I would agree there isn’t much money to be made in Africa so a company opening things up there is rare.

you know some games are making there money from africa and arab like riot games (league of legend) they even made an arab esports cub if they know that they will get no money they will not make esports there

so tell me why can the hole world play the russian lost ark ???

well i am sure they know . because they can block the vpn too like what they did to steam

and that turns us to my opinion at the last i been waiting for this game for 5 years since they announced it in korea and even if they made it not free for us i will buy it and thats my idea

There are games which people from SA play on European servers. (No problems.)

But it looks like someone here who caters to politically correct part of western audience does not want actual African customers/players. (Feels hypocritical.)

I say: We have about same time zone. If pings to Europe are acceptable, play with us. More players we have, better the game/market/experience.

My thoughts are that AGS does not have the rights to publish in these countries. They would need to update on amending or creating a new contract to add other countries. The original idea was NA/EU but I think they have SA in here too so its not completely out of the question.

Most other questions about country availability get locked pretty fast.

We dont need a server for africa to play the game we just need to able to access to it
. And if we didn’t do anything as i think we will have to wait till smile gate and amazon think that they have collected what they want then they will add this poor countries to the list and that’s maybe gonna be after 1 ,2 ,3 years later or even more …

You can access the game with VPN it technically make you ‘Virtually live anywhere you set your country’, so there is a way :wink:
I am sure many of Veteran players who have played on KR/JP/RU is using VPN too

Well actually i cant because even if i used a vpn i am still blocked at steam download page

i am with u on this brother

It sucks, the way licensing works for publishers is that they block access to countries they are not allowed to provide service to. So its not only servers, its the list of IPs in different regions that AGS doesn’t have.

It’s why I needed a VPN to access RU version.

Although they COULD get them post-release…especially if the game is successful in the regions we have :+1:

We do not have the publishing rights from the developer for this region so we will not be able to support. Also please do not discuss Terms of Service violations on our official forums.