My oppinion on Glavier and on the game in general

First of all, I love Glavier.

Ever since I laid my eyes on this game I felt I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one, and I can confidently say I am enjoying it very much. When I started the game I looked up the classes hoping I will find someone who uses a Spear, or a weapon similar to that. That is my favorite weapon and I can never get tired of it. I was a bit sad that this was not in the starting classes. Well I’m playing since launch. I started a Death blade and experienced Arkresia with her. It was a very fun experience. I never watched any videos or any streams so that I can experience everything and can have my ideas about the game as I progressed. In the first hours tought this will be an epic game with a story of deep fantasy elements fighting against the hordes of demons and trying to save the world from darkness and destruction in the good old medieval era. Then I stepped into Arthetine and saw robots? I was hyped and then find comedic elements, and epic fights I kept having fun. So when I hit level 50 and started gearing it was kinda hard? Well, it took the time I, of course, had no idea how to manipulate the market (still don’t and I’m fine with that). Started honing, doing the Abyss dungeons learning the mechanics for guardian raids, farming materials
praying to the RNGESUS to let me get into T2. Then T3, Then 1340. We had the events free mats honing increase materials Then I got my Deathblade to 1370. I started gearing my 1st alt a wardancer. She hit 1340 just 1 week from the Glavier release. I started using Mari’s secret shop to get materials so I can get my Glavier to t3 as soon as I can. It took 2 days for that to happen. Then I started experimenting with what works for me and what I like. And oh boy…

  • She is badass,

  • It feels so fluid and connected when I nailed the rotation

  • I like the way I’m mobile, have a good range, and if I want to I can be in a face of the boss as

  • I like the dmg that the rotation gives me and I’m only at 1340 right now with her

My only problem was the skin, and This noble skin is very much to my liking because of the versatility and the way you can dye it and make it look awesome. So that one already solved the problem for me.

I’m mostly playing alone and I’m having a blast, especially with the Glavier, I like Death blade as well but Glavier is the one that I can enjoy the game the most I only ask you to listen to the people, you are doing good in my opinion. I only had the problem with the censored skins and basic armor, well I chose to not dwell on that one, just move on. But I think you have the option to do both sides right, Make it an option for people that want the original skins and the one who prefers the more reserved version of that. I’m sure you have the means to make it happen.

Thank you for reading my small essay about my adventure with Lost Ark and if you take my opinion into consideration I think I can say most of the players would be very pleased.

Peace guys, GL with the honing. :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

Small edits: Grammar

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Glad to see you’re having a good time, I’ve yet to find the free time to start a Glavier myself :sob:.

I’ll share your sentiment regarding the skins to the team, I understand that the difference in outfits between regions is still a hot topic in the community.

Thank you!

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