My own opinion in Lost ark forum supporters!

Hello everyone,

I’d like to talk about it in general, they help a lot. but the worst thing is they don’t give you enough info and sometimes they ignore it.

this is not okay for being supporters, You don’t have enough info about something to talk about it or just hand it to someone can really give a real info not a “MISLEAD”

In my case, the “supporters” mislead 2 different situations.

first one was a problem with my knowledge transfer.

I have asked on forums why I can’t use KT and they answered me kindly and they said that there’s a limit and it was clear in-game. I didn’t mind that. but the problem was:
I asked how to fix this and they answered that I have to clear all main story questline again to be able to use KT again, So I have asked What if " I USED A PAID POWER PASS " this will fix my own problem with KT and i can use it again. meaning by that " I don’t wanna do it again manually" And they answered "Yes it count! :sparkles: :lion: "

The Power Pass levels an alternate character to level 50, and clears content up to North Vern. :world_map:".
and then I have asked for a confirmation.
they said " Yes in this case don’t worry if you use the Power Pass it count for your KT. :sparkles: :man_mage: "

Imagine!!! didn’t fix it. and the problem still remain. May I restore char please! - #14 by CrueIty
This is the link for the topic asking about it.

and ofc they have nothing to do about it and I have to submit a web ticket begging amazon supporters for help, meanwhile what they have done is “Mislead” and they didn’t give a damn care about it… where the support in this case? nothing… but just wasting our time and money!!!

lets talk about 2nd “Mislead” :
I created an alt account and I used KT on it before the merge, and I really wanted to change the character appearance, So I came here to the “Forum” to ask the “Supporters” if there’s anyway to stop this KT.

The answer was NO There’s no way to stop KT. so I have asked what IF " I have deleted this char" They said it will continue even after the deletion. I’ll insert an image for the conversation with the supporter! and after deleting the character within 1 day, I have asked to restore the same character. I have found that like there’s no KT were used and I can’t use KT anymore… this is the 2nd mislead… i went back to the forum asking what is going on!!! they kindly apologized for the problem/issue and asking me to submit a web ticket… again begging amazon to help!.

The Link : Need help in game issue my post/topic was deleted/hidden by the system

What you think?

there’s more, There’s no topic in a public or official LOST ARK website says that there’s a god damn limitation for character restoration.

today like 1 hour ago, I have posted asking to restore a character after I got enough money to buy a new character slot, so I can get it back!

The answer was " Unfortunately after checking your account we cannot assist with another character restoration this calendar year, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

I have asked for any information that where LOST ARK Policy says that there’s limitation !!
Imagine the answer!! “Unfortunately you will not be able to find this information publicly available in any official communication as this is an internal courtesy process. We cannot bypass the limit on character restorations that is set at the moment. I will kindly close this topic now since that is all the information we have available for now.”

he says Kindly close this topic! I still don’t mind!
but there’s another good idea about this…

he may just create topic/post “SAYING THIS INFO” That there’s a god damn limitations!!! Let OTHERS KNOW ABOUT THIS SHIIT!

now… I just lost 10$ for nothing!!. And im sure i’d be banned very soon just for sharing my issues/experince with supporters out loud!.
no idea, this is unprofessional at all.

this is my “own” opinion after all… misleading is the worst thing can ever happen…


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