My personal take on the class release "issue"

I’ll start by first saying that I’m enjoying the game, I have 7 characters, I play 2 everyday and play the others whenever. My main is 1439 and I’m on track to hit 1445 or higher by Friday.

A lot of players are upset over the news that classes are going to be release every 2 months, a lot more players are upset that the class that they want to play isn’t coming out in THIS roadmap and at the fact that they don’t even know WHEN the class that they want to play will come out.
The main issue that I’m noticing is that most people who care have already seen the content because we watch Twitch and YouTube. There is a HUGE difference between knowing OF a class and knowing that a new class will come out.

A KR player can say “I want to play Aeromancer, it sounds hype!” and start preparing and saving. Then, when the class comes out, they can love it, want to main it, or hate it/ be disappointed in it and delete it. This is the same for all regions. The difference between KR and NA/EU is that KR players can ALSO play the classes THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY.
Us here in N/A don’t have that option and I think that is the problem. I, myself, am waiting for Artist to be my 6th gold character, I don’t care about destroyer, haven’t made one. I don’t care about Arcana or Summoner, I won’t make one. So for me, EVEN IF I end up not liking Artist, I would have wasted 8-10 months of gold making, just waiting for the OPPORTUNITY to make and test an Artist.

I want to address the potential argument of “You’ve never played the class before, so how can you want to main it” before I move on.
This argument, while valid on a basic level, is flawed. There are too many variables with different players to make this an actual valid argument. You who potentially make this argument don’t know if someone has played KR or RU. Yes, some people, when the class that they vocalize they want to main comes out, will actually HATE the class, but on the same token, some of these same vocal people will LOVE the class, and actually love it so much that they will want to play 6 of them, or at least multiple. The point is, just because a person hasn’t played a class doesn’t NECESARIILY mean that they don’t have any idea that they want it to be their mains. Adding on, some people have watched in-depth rotation guides, and have listened to streamers explain the in’s and out’s of these classes DAILY.

So moving on, I think the biggest issue in conjunction with knowing of the content, is that we are waiting to “Catch Up”. I think the idea of trying to “Space out content” and trying to “catch us up to KR” can be VERY conflicting in some ways.

I think what Amazon/Smilegate should do, IF possible, is instead of releasing 1 class every 2 months, have it so that every 2 months, players can unlock whatever unreleased class they want.
Yes, the game will lose out on promotional hype. Yes, the forum andy’s will still complain that the class they choose is trash. Yes, people will still threaten to quit, but this option is FUNDAMENTALY better than potentially have to wait until FEB of NEXT YEAR to play Artist or until November to play INSERT CLASS HERE.


The thing is, we have 16 out of the 21 classes that currently exist in Lost Ark. The thing that eludes me a bit is that, how can people not enjoy any of the 16 existing classes? And if they don’t, why don’t they just I don’t know, play a different game.

I just think that we are spoiled for choice and I have lots of cool classes to choose from. The classes will come out, there will be express passes, you will be able to enjoy the game.

Also another thing, have people played these “un-released” classes yet, like from KR or RU, or have they created this delusion about this class they have never played is the one.

Spoiled? We were promised we would catch up with KR ASAP. RU and JP are. We know what classes have existed (minus Artist) since years ago. Unlike an actual new class where no one knows it exists until it’s releasing soon. THAT is new content. Releasing a class that’s playable in any of the other regions for years is not new content.

Personally I am picky as shit I have 1 alt and 1 main. Why? Because I’ve tried every class shown in alpha beta and release trying to find classes I like. And I either don’t like or suck at all the other classes. I am not waiting a year for a class that was in the alpha and beta and then removed for 2 years from us? While I could just go to RU JP or KR and play it?

I love lost ark but a class is a vehicle to enjoy the content. It’s not content. And I am not going to continue spending money or time into an “alt”. My motivation is 0 and I might as well go play on RU since they’re treated better than us with content.


I play Paladin and Blade , i play paladín because no Matter what im mostly accepted everwhere. And i play Blade because reaper inst out. And yeah Blade is pretty great in PVE and mostly in PVP. But wont fit that spot forever. I like the idea that this Guy over us had. I don’t care about any other class right now that is not Reaper (cuz you know, is what im waiting for) . Arkana was my 1st Char in RU so i have that special love for her but i actually know what i want to play.

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They’ll understand that drip-feeding us characters we already know exist and want to play is not content the day that the game dies.

We are normal, regular players, and we can easily see that the player base is shrinking with each announcement. They have the metrics, they need to stop lying to themselves about excitement, bringing players back, and whatever other high idea they have in their head.

Case and point, player retention matters. Current players will not come back when they decide to leave. So release their class. Its not content, it allows them to play content that comes out in a way they will enjoy so just release it. Being able to play something you know you want to play and is just being withheld from you is not exciting.

No one will complain when we are caught up and actually new content takes a few months to be moved over, that’s just development. I don’t know how else to say it, but they need to be hit over the head with a brick or something to start thinking critically again.

It’s not new, It’s not exciting, you can clearly see what the community is expecting and are choosing to do the opposite. It is only aggravating. I’m not saying this because I’m also waiting for a class, I already received my main. But having my main isn’t going to keep me here if everyone else quits for not having theirs.


I dont even wanna play arcana now, knowing 1 class is coming every 2 months. I dont want to save anymore materials, gold, or spend money for mari shop anymore. THEY ARE GARBAGE. I thought id feel relief to see arcana or summoner. All i feel is anger and hatred. They have the audacity to lie and say they looked at the forums, the bullshitery to put summoner and reaper in that picture with the legendary skins. ARCANA SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE, since shes coming out the fuck??? And then talk about some player retention?? In September??? WHO WANTS TO WAIT THAT LONG??? THATS WHY THEY ONLY HAVE 108K ON YOUTUBE

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Only 2 supports in our version and I don’t like either of them :frowning:

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i know a scouter main, a summoner main and an artist main, they were toughing it out and on the fence anyway, they were playing arti sorc and bard while they wait. none of them enjoyed their current class as they know what they were gonna main. I know it’s a small sample size but they’ve all just quit, for what it’s worth

That’s just how it works when the classes are out in other regions, and i honestly don’t see any upside to the 2 month change.

There are other things they could do to market the game further and bring players back like express events. The sudden change in class launch cadence has to do with the fact that they want more money. It has nothing to do with our enjoyment. Just their profits. That is it. They mask it under the pretense of bringing players back but what about those who are here? Anyway. It doesn’t matter, the situation won’t change. It is what it is but my personal conclusion is finalized. And I won’t be operating under the false idea that feedback is important to them. It is until it’s not until it’s conflicting with grandiose plans of making MORE money cuz it’s never enough. The bigger the company the more insatiable they get. If this is the sort of decision-making process the new game director is doing then, this game will become like any other. Nothing special. One of many, value none.