My power pass is gone


It was all a big mistake, just create a new character that the powerpass releases, problem solved people try it there

wait what do you mean exactly

I created a character and clicked on the powerpass, I was doing the opposite, I thought I created the character inside the power pass, but in fact you create it and then click

Clearly this is not working. This is not a simple matter. I created two alts, and every time I click Powerpass, the second image comes up. Despite it saying the Powerpass is Available. What the hell is going on here?!?!

I’m on Avesta East North American Server BTW. :wink:

same problem here.
Sent a ticket and after it an email…
on that email said to me check this thread… but looks no1 get it solved yet.

So what worked for me is: Creating a character on a new server, then go back to the old server and the pass was showing again and it worked as intended.

Still need help! got the same problem… my powerpass wont arrive after i used my firstone…

did you create those characters before reaching lv50 or did you create them after your main reached lv50 and complete the required quest (Ealyn’s Gift)

I have the same issue and I created all of my characters when I first started the game to have the names that I wanted, trying to figure this out myself.

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i did not, created after reached lvl 50

first did you received the mail with powerpass in game? I have not
did you finish the Ealyn’s Gift in Vern, people say you need to complete that as well

i did not receveid the email… thats the main problem… i saw my friends doing the same thing as i did… after they used their first powerpass. the email arrived in this new character lvl 50…
so i wait a bit and nothing change in game…
so i sent a ticket asking about it, my ticket got reply on my e-mail, without solution i reply the e-maill, with almost the same image as these ones here… so they reply my e-mail with this thread link, saying to check it… but i checked and looks no1 got the problem solve…

Take a look, hope it helps.

let us know if this solved your problem or not so we can continue figuring this out

i watched now it… but my friend receveid it at the email of the first boost character and i not
and i dont saying one friend…
i can make the transfer way that the video says… but looks unfair if this problem looks like a bug…
by the way, thank you for you attention

I just leveled a character up to 50 on the Mari NA West server and never got a powerpass mailed to me. when I got the quest completed, I had a powerpass available on another server, and the character I leveled to 50 wasn’t my main. Not sure if any of this info is relevant. Just hoping for an answer of some sort.

here this should help you guys

Unfortunately the video states how to get the powerpass normally, not how to get it in the event the powerpass is not properly mailed to you.

Same here, I have a char almost 51 lvl but no powerpass available for consuming. The problem is that I can’t get my alt to lvl 50 using gold as well. Please admins help