My Powerpass went MIA?

Hello. I have been playing this game for a few months and in May I got my Vern Powerpass, I activated it but since I had no idea yet how to use it I just left it there. I tried to use it on my new alt, it says powerpass available, but when I click nothing shows. Is this a bug, does it expire, what happened? I also tried the roundabout way I saw on a forum to create a new char on another server, play the game, then go back to the char you want to PP and it should work. It didn’t.

Disabled currently.

OP is speaking about North Vern Powerpass, are they also included in that ? I thought it was only for Punika and the purchasables one

All powerpasses, I can confirm both my Vern and Punika are disabled (still showing on the server selection screen tho, even if the expiration date is totally wrong (“no expiration” shown in game, but definitely expiring at the end of next month, so I expect a lot of disappointment/rage/frustration if people don’t pay attention to forums)

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i thought it’s the powerpass ticket that has expiration date, same with appereance change vouchers, you have to use them so they don’t ‘poof’ from your inventory. but once it’s used it doesn’t expire. i’m pretty sure that’s correct but if i’m wrong someone let me know

Actually you might be right (I hope you are, that would be a lot better to be honest).

I won’t put this theory to the test tho, as soon as they reactivate them, I’ll use all of them right away before they remove/block/change something again.

(Still, having a confirmation would be useful for others.)

yea i’m pretty sure it works that way as i’ve seen a video where zeal’s or some other creator was urging people to not forget to use the ticket from inventory so that it doesn’t expire and you can save it for later. but i agree it would be nice to have a clear info on how it works.

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Yes, I have right clicked it from my inventory. Anyway, it’s disabled for now, I understand, TYVM.

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