My problems with this game

I might be wrong with some stuff that I’m about to say but the accumulated frustration that I have with this game is big.

-cant block players on other servers
-can’t gather without being stopped by enemies constantly, unless you have a specific passive in the tool
-restart vote pops in the middle of the screen (annoyance)
-repairing isn’t free to play
-dashes suck, you constantly eat walls
-ghost ships are idiotic, no gameplay at all, just a ton of hp and hopefully you don’t use too many feathers
-gathering nodes are shared between players which is stupid
-launching the game causes me a meltdown, closing the game too (it takes too much time)
-event timers are misleading players, for example: Event starts at 17:00 (actual event time 17:04)
-the store is horribly bad, it is kind of better right now but it has had a lot of problems (technical problems, such as opening randomly in middle of a raid freezing your screen for seconds and thus, dying)
-posseidon’s fight is a joke (alaric abbys raid), I dont even need to talk about this, its so bad, nobody enjoys it (losing oxygen while watching cinematics, being instantly attacked when getting to the boss room, etc)

I counted 3 legitimate problems. They are:

-Not being able to block people on different servers.
-Misleading event timers
-Dashing seeming to hook onto wall corners

The other “issues” is just the game being different to your ideal liking, however they aren’t actual flaws with the game.

  • I mean I admit I accidentally hit f4 at times during fighting but that’s like a player problem . Also I don’t have much issue using store it works for me .

  • I’ll admit I’m so bad that I dash into walls :joy: constantly then again I think it’s a player problem on that one maybe :thinking: ?

  • As for restart vote idk about that one I don’t really group much so ?? No comment there

  • Event times are def messed up it’ll start a few sec later . esp with ilvl req for me sometimes it’ll tell me I need 1000 ilvl when I only need 460 or something . It happens rarley tho thank God .

  • I mean we got free tools yesterday login with super armor perk???

  • What you mean repair isn’t free ? I just repair with silver that’s the point no ?

  • Idk ghost ships are real fights there’s lot aoe you gotta doge or it’ll kill you . At least in my experience.

  • I’ll agree launching game is annoying and takes wayyy too long esp after you afk to the bathroom and then it’ll close the whole game . They needa fix that .

  • Idk I can’t comment I havnt done that raid yet


-About the shop problem, I don’t misslick the F4 key, the problem is that whenever the shop is in maintenance and you open it, an error occurs (which is ok), but later on, whenever the shop is not down, it will open up randomly without the need of pressing F4. This occurs even after closing the game which is extremely weird. That said, I haven’t had this problem for a while now since the shop is not in maintenance.
-The thing about dashes is that some wall hitboxes are different than what it actually looks like, so I’m constantly hitting invisible walls and its kind of annoying while I’m trying to do stuff rapidly. Not a big deal but its a bit annoying.
-The free tools as a login reward is great, but if you don’t log in daily you wont get those and you’ll have to struggle while gathering until then. Either that or buy the same tool until it has the passive that you want (which you may want to avoid since it takes one of the passive slots, thus missing on other better passives). I think it would be way better if it was a global passive without the need of a rng system.
-The repair problem is that if you don’t have crystaline aura you wont be able to repair inside a dungeon/raid or any content. This means that you’ll need to either spend real money, or get gold and use it specifically for this. This is a massive problem that I’ve had whenever doing abyss dungeons since most of the times you will wipe a lot (depending if you or your team know the mechanics or not). I’m ok with wiping but I’m not okay with having a broken gear and not being able to repair unless you got the privilege of the crystaline aura. Broken gear = no damage = having to leave in order to repair.
-Ghost ships are generally dodging and slowly killing the boss, yes. But for example the 960 ilvl ghost ship slows you and its impossible to dodge everything unless you get lucky, not only that but not dodging 1 attack is more than enough to kill you (since you get stuned and other skills will hit you).

I can see how some of them are dependent of my liking or not. But I can’t agree with some stuff.

-Crystalline aura is a must if you want to repair without having to leave a dungeon/raid
-Restart vote is extremely annoying, I’ve had multiple times where I couldn’t do a mechanic or even just dodging, all because of this window popping up (at least it would be nice if the window remembered where I put it last time, instead of popping in the middle of the screen).
-In the alaric abbys raid fight you’ll lose oxygen if you don’t skip cutscenes, this actually killed me once and I couldnt do a thing about it. Being instantly attacked by the boss, this has happened to me twice, where the boss oneshots me and 2 other people right after entering the arena ( no time reaction available ).

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I can definitely see your point of view with those 3 things you have mentioned

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but even the green ones the quests give you have super amror i think its a 100%perk i haven’t seen a tool without it tbh .

hm well i haven’t wiped yet in a abyss dungeon, hm why not just zone out n re group n repair at a repair that way ? i dunno i haven’t really had this problem

idk the lower level ones i do do that aswell ill admit sometimes i did bad timing for a dodge and was slowed n died .

i´d argue not beeing able to repair everywhere whitout aura is a problem aswell, had 2 abbys dungeons where cheap people said I have to stop bc iam fully red and cant continue which griefes the whole party :smiley: Luckily i was 4 premate the second time that happend and we kept that cheap fella hostage till we clapped Poseidon whitout him.

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Yeah In his original comment he just said it’s not free to play. When he mentioned bout repairing in dungeons I did say that I could see his opinion on it :slight_smile:

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I’ve had many tools that didnt have it, its just luck.

Generally you don’t want to leave an abyss dungeon where you’ve already spent 40 mins in. Leaving means having to repeat the whole dungeon and re-matchmaking means that you might get unlucky with the teammates you get.

I honestly think that the 3 minute grace period on events are a blessing.

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-Shop randomly opening ist just server communications error which exists since launch due to server being overpopulated, also this is why matchmaking is crappy at times

-dashes agree sometimes getting stuck gets on your nerves :smiley:

-Repair Problem is solved by using battle item repair summon scroll in the setup area, can be crafted in stronghold EDIT: My Bad only works for guardian raids - > Solution trade gold for blue crystals and get crystalline this way can be farmed relatively easy

-superarmor mechanic is super armor mechanic simply craft trade tools in your stronghold till you get one with it

-Ghostships: Just because youre not doing it right doesn´t mean its overtuned. Get Eiberns Wound, Get the Sailor and youll have a 20 minute buff for this content. Till then do lower level ghost ships to have guaranteeed clears. Game is 2 weeks old so it is natural that there is time gated content which can´t be facerolled without either doing the intended way or just outgearing it

well its only the last boss fight thats the main fight right ? most of it is just adds no ? forgive me as ive only one one so far so im not quite sure how it works . I assumed it was like wow dungeons where u could re q into the instance .

yo mb than, didnt knew there was an repair BM, if thats the case, people who go red in abbys dungeon and cant repair are just willingly griefing and should get banned.

i dont think they should be banned unless they do it on purpose . Some players inc myself idk i could craft that until i read it .

well maybe ur right, iam just furious since 70% off the people are to cheap to use pots so that would proppely suit my point more.
for every content we have availble right now the 30% pots are more then enough and yet ppl still tryna go cheap on others

well content creators far and wide advised in their videos to “stock” up on % Pots and not use them till t3 content, if people keep their word as granted its natural why nobody uses them in raids.

I didn’t know about the repair summon scroll, the game should probably let you know about this anyways.

I can see this as a personal preference but personally I still see it as unnecessary.

Also didn’t know about this, I think the game should probably let you know about it somehow. And still, I don’t think the entire group will have this buff, but maybe its something that we will all learn through time.

This depends on the raid, but what I’ve been experiencing in T2 raids is that you’ll have: adds → boss n1 → adds → boss n2 → adds → boss n3 (not 100% like this) but as far as I know you cant go directly to the last boss fight.

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