My Queue gets stuck?

I have tried all the guides on how to fix this issue, it still does not work. And after Todays update pfft! i dont see a way of me being able to play this game anymore.

Joined the queue at 12k people and after 1 - 2 hours i get stuck at 8k people, it does not move from there even after i wait 1 more hour. This has happened multiple times, and i have to retry joining 3-4 times. So for a normal player that needs to wait 2-3 hours in queue, i have to wait 8-10 hours in queue if im even that lucky.

same problem im stuck at 8k but yesterday it was 5k

Ooooft the queue nightmare… Reminded me of Similar game from AGS with that long queue at launch :thinking:
Sounds familiar?

The only difference is that game sucks and is dying. This one will have plenty of fans and long term players

ags… they dont learn, they dont listen…

I fixed my issue with getting stuck in the queue by following this guide, Port Forwarding through this link:

Try it out! might work for you guys!