My scraper dont have the Supernova Skill ! how do a get it?

I hit lvl 50 but dont have acess to the skill, how i unlock it ?

You get it along with your awakening skill. So head to trixion to unlock it. You might not be far enough in the main story ATM. If that is the case then continue the main quests until you get tasked to visit Beatrice in Trixion where she offers you a purple quest to unlock your awakening skill, which also gives you supernova.

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If it’s your second awakening skill you need to complete the Rohandel story and do the really long quest after it. Takes around 4 hours but it opens it for all your characters, alts just needs to visit Trixion and Beatrice.

As a Scrapper main supernova isn’t an awakening skill.

Okay I see

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