My solution to Lost Arks Bot Infestation

In my opinion, the only reason why bots are here - stay here - and are getting more even → is because there are actually people who buy from them.
If they wouldn’t make any money, bots would be a dying breed.

I don’t know how it is here, but in most games it is a violation to buy less stuff with real money from third party sources - especially if there is an in-game shop.
So obviously Amazon loses money from less people needing to buy stuff in the stop.
And we player lose, because of dropping Auction House prices, overfilled servers and queues (which is not entirely the bots fault, of course, but they don’t help either), That and the ripple effect in the in-game economy with people being there who have way more gold then they should have.

I find the solution rather simple.
Whenever you identifiy a gold seller, just track the trading logs and also ban all the player that bought gold from them.

Sorry, but zero sympathy on my end.

There might be a bit of mimimi from said player, but when people stop buying gold, bots will be useless… and the goldseller will become less and less.

It boils down to the same issue regarding GMs - they don’t want to pay humans, people, to do it.

Why don’t we have GMs tracking bot accounts? Cause they cost money. Why don’t they track gold sellers? Cause they cost money.
It also brings another potential issue, which are mistakes. You can very well ban some innocent person (or not have enough proofs of guilt) once every 100 bans. How do you deal with that? its such a headache that i assume that they don’t even consider worth trying.

Simple as that

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Then maybe they souldn’t have considered becoming a game publisher^^

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Eh as long as there are profits its all good for them, and Lost ark seems to be very good at that. Westerners have changed, people aren’t as stingy towards microtransactions as they once were. Nowadays US happily funds gachas such as genshin impact and the gaming industry nearly normalized lootboxes, season pass, paywalled cosmetics, and so on. Also, 500k founders.

AGS be fine, even though i’m not sure if thats a good or bad thing.