My stronghold xp slowly

Hello everyone,
I’ve been having trouble leveling my stronghold for a while now. Indeed, despite the research, expeditions and crafting I’ve been trying to do every day for several months, I’m extremely behind in fortress level when I compare with all the members of my guild with whom I started the game. I wonder if there is something I would have missed among all the achievable tasks. For info my stronghold is level 28 and I gain less than 5% xp per completed task (research, crafting and expeditions at 50%).

Theres a few craftables (Awnings, Waterwheels) that are really good crafting XP sources since they only take Wood and Silver. Both have to be purchased from various vendors (dont recall which) but they will provide a good source of XP for your stronghold and a way to burn down your action energy. Ideally you should NEVER have full action energy.

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i crafted ~~300 awnings until my thrid dispatch ship was unlocked. Nowadays i just send three ships and two venganos expeditions, level has been increasing steadily

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Just craft 99 waterwheels and the 99 Nac counters, only costs silver and mats.

You can get some extra mats from the vendor in the fortress in exchange for other mats with higher rarity.

I just craft tons of whirlwind grenades and never let action energy max out. I’m level 47 and play fairly casually (350 hrs total)

This “hackeable” mode is so dumb. I mean, you’re not wrong if you want level, but it just fills how empty mechanics in SH are. I refuse to do it. Craft tons of useless materials (that are used to just sink your materials).

SH should be reworkd and modernized ASAP! So much potential, but ignored.

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If you can craft Neria’s Tavern Signs. They are very cheap and easy to craft.

Enjoy your low level SH then.

Who cares about SH lvl lul only things I was crafting are simple and basic oreha materials xd

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Do we get any type of boost for our strongholds?

If done right, you can make tons of gold by crafting items and selling them on the AH. I’ve easily made all of my investments back 10 times over

I do craft a lot of items, but it is still slow

Yes, you get crafting bonuses at higher levels among other things. I maxed out my SH entirely doing a lot of oreha fusion materials.