My take on constructive criticism, hopefully it does not fall onto deaf ears. What would you add to the list after plaing the game for this long?

Alright guys. No trolling or low effort. Let’s hear it.

Here is my feedback in no particular order"

  • Possibility to adjust the in-game clock to regional time zone in the Options menu.
    Keeping track of things in your own time zones makes everything better.

  • ON/OFF Audio mute keybind.
    Sometimes you just want to hear what people are trying to communicate via voice chat, but the game is too loud depending on what activities you are doing. A lot of games have it. Surprised Lost Ark does not. It’s like industry standard.

  • Possibility to disable mature language filter in the options menu.
    Very basic option that most games have. Especially when speaking different native languages (not English) random words get blocked out, pretty frustrating.

  • Possibility to move or turn off the ‘loot notifier’ from the middle of the screen.
    I’ve had plenty of occasions where the loot spam would interfere with game play. Moving it as you please would be ideal.

  • Bringing your alts into the guild is punishing to the guild slots that are constantly limited.
    This is a very strange decision, considering this is a game that incentivizes you to play multiple characters. A very basic social feature that should not be overlooked.

  • Starting out as a new player, you are bombarded with an abundance of systems.
    The game does a poor job on introducing you to new systems, especially when there are so many of them. You often find yourself looking on websites/videos outside of the game to understand them. The experience itself is not streamlined to the average player. You are often confused and lost due to the abundance of systems. Another menu, another system, another type currency, another set of materials etc over and over. Perhaps in the future, different categories of systems that have similar functionality/benefits could be unified and simplified, I dare say, cut down. As the game progresses this will only get worse and worse.

  • Too many nuances left from the Korean version of the game, that have that mobile games mindset.
    As an example the Pheons currency in the Auction House, it’s just not fun and user unfriendly. Perhaps Crystaline Aura could fix some of these issues. But still some of them should not exist, they are there to annoy people long enough to spend $ on trivial tasks.
    Another good example would be having to buy Dyes to customize you character’s colors. When you lookt at WoW’s Trangsmog system, it puts LA’s customization to shame. This should not exist along any other predatory business practices. You guys defensively need to revisit some of the systems and store items and further push back the Korean aggressive monetization.

  • More accurate translations in the future. At least on abilities of each class.
    For example the Surge engraving for Death Blade. It feels like it’s translated by someone who does not play the game. I had to watch a tutorial video where someone explained what the skills does and how to use it because I couldn’t understand the tooltip after reading it multiple times.

  • Guardian Raids - Soul Harvesting auto looting.
    Numerous times, I have cleared Guardian Raids and found myself leaving without doing my Soul Harvest, losing loot. I do not understand why you need to manually harvest. Please, either introduce auto-looting the ‘harvest’ when the boss is dead, just like any other loot, or if you leave and did not harvest, have the items be received in the mail. An unnecessary mechanic to be honest, that leads to lost loot.

  • Guardians per day from 2 to 1.
    Personally find it tedious, considering when doing it on multiple alts as well. Also wasting unnecessary time that is out of your control because Joe from match making system cannot stand out of fire for the 9th time. One per day, per character should suffice considering this is a daily activity.

  • Rapports, should be tuned down a bit.
    Takes far too long and some of them are detrimental.(i.e. like items that helps you progress skill points). Perhaps further % buff the amount of XP you gain via Crystaline Aura or straight up reduce the amount required. Or add more rapport item sources. An example, weekly Twitch streamers events where rapport chest drops, why not speed things up and boost not only your rapports but also your viwership on streams. Watch X hours for 1 rapport chest etc. Just an example.

  • Una’s Tasks and Reputations.
    The entire Una’s Task menu is very clunky and outdated. Limited information, limited space does a very poor job at “connecting” you to which quests goes to which goal/reputation. A lot of times you have to either manually check every reputation or use external site. You should never have to leave the game to get such basic information. Una’s Task menu should do a better job at displaying information in an organized manner. ‘Daily’ tab and ‘Reputation Status’ tab should be more interconnected.


very good feedback, because it doesn’t consist of the usual:
Nerf everything I dislike, and buff the Class I play.

Bump. I also suggest they increase the speed of HP regen in a town. So many times I removed equipment only to be stuck with a heart beat dying sound for the next 30 minutes unless I use potions to heal myself. So annoying.

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That basically exists already. When you don’t do them you gain energy that is then consumed the next time you sould harvest but you get double rewards. So just do them every other day and you get the same mats but half the time spend doing them.

I totally disagree. The rapport system is supposed to take very long. You are not supposed to just speedrun the affection of a npc.

Other than that, this is a good list of qol changes.

@Roxx Tagged you with good intentions, hoping feedback reaches the right people.