My take on our current issues

Hello there, thank you for taking your time to read this message. I thought about putting a post up for a while now, but after reading and scouring reddit/forum I felt it necessary to also voice my concerns in regards to the current state of the game. Although some of you question my validity and that I am just another “casual” crying, I can guarantee you that I have put almost 600 hours into the game with a majority of it spanning the first month or so where I’ve played at least 10+ hours a day.

This is a very polarizing debate on whether honing is a major issue right now, so I would like to give my take on the current situation. I am currently a f2p player with the exception of having the plat founder pack and the gold founder pack. I used the gems earlier on to buy pets, and mounts, and only used gold to convert to blue crystal. So I can say that I am not a “pay to win” player. I was one of the earlier players hitting 1340 within the first few weeks of playing.

The honing was a huge turn off for me for a few weeks, but I managed to hit 1370 with the new event and freebies that were handed out. Although this is a good start and a necessary direction towards helping players get to the 1370 mark, it most likely won’t be enough for those who are unlucky. For example one of my friend in our group had terrible luck, and required 3-4 of our other friends pooling our excess mats in order to help him push the last 3-4 item level into 1370. The frustration I believe most people felt ( myself included ) is that there weren’t enough mats on top of the abysmal honing rate. However with these changes, it definitely helped bandage some of the issues, but most likely not enough for those who are extremely unlucky and require a 100% chance to even succeed - I know from personal experience because I hit 100% on a few pieces - .

Another issue is the limited gold resources to even attempt honing. I was lucky enough to stockpile some of the gold from selling my excess T3 mats earlier on when I got to 1340. At the time mats were selling for absurd prices due to whales buying, and pushing for 1370 earlier on. I managed to save a few hundred thousand of gold, and thus did not have issue, or struggles when it came to the gold shortage.

However, since there is a concurrent depression in the market with bots crashing, and tanking the prices; the ability to make gold has been dwindling. This is also a huge issue as honing cost will keep on increasing the higher one gets in item level. While it may not be an issue now, it certainly will be for those who have hit 1370 ( without the ability to stockpile gold earlier on ) thus creating a much bigger issue.

At the moment it is hard to say what can alleviate this issue besides increasing the honing chance, and decreasing the price of honing. While the cm did mention that it was not coming out until Valtan, this issue is a very big one that will cause many Western players to quit, if they haven’t quit yet. Although the events and gifts were quick solutions, it only temporarily alleviated the issue until the supplies ran out again.

I understand that it may be difficult for a f2p game to fully release all the easy ways in order to catch up, it is difficult for many to comprehend, or grasp the idea due to the fact that these issues have already been resolved in other regions, and is a known cause for many to quit the game.

Other opinions:
At the moment, I believe the best solution Amazon/Smilegate can give to the players is to release anything new. A new class, a roadmap, or any announcement that can alleviate our concerns of the future. I myself, and many of my friends would love it if they gave us anything. Most of my friends are looking for a new class in order to reinvigorate them, some simply only look for the roadmap in order to have the motivation to keep playing, and have something to look forward too.

I know the roadmap changed last second, however it is highly demoralizing to be kept in the dark, and unsure of what is going to be released, and what one should expect, and save for. I know the roadmap is coming in a couple of weeks according to roxx/the cm, but it feels like an eternity because things are slowly feeling like a chore if not already for myself, and many of my friends - probably a lot can relate to this -.

Final thoughts:
While many of these opinions are repeated, I can only vent my frustration for the game I love, and waited for almost seven years to play since the release of the trailer. It is extremely upsetting, and sad to see many of the fans slowly leaving, the game getting trashed on by a lot of western players. I want this game to be successful, loved, and cherished like in Korea. And I know and believe that i can get there with a little more effort, and communication.

Koreans love the game because there is a sense of family, a sense of open communication with the director. But for us here, it feels like we are shouting into the wind. Talking to a wall, and it’s slowly becoming very taxing. So please don’t disregard this wall of text. It is only because I want Lost ark to succeed. Please count this as another plea for just a little more effort, and haste.

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