My take on popular issues

This is going to rant-like because I am just going to write my direct thoughts.

I’m going to quote two of the most egregious statements that I’ve seen from the devs.

We made a mistake releasing the March game update too quickly after launch. Data we analyzed alongside Smilegate RPG from their previous launches projected that a larger portion of players would have reached the level required to challenge Argos. However, we overlooked certain variables, such as players spending more time on horizontal content and the price of honing materials increasing due to bots and real-money transactions. These factors contributed to a scarcity of T3 honing materials

This statement actually blows my brains out. There is literally 0 fucking possibly that they " expected " players to reach argos threshold based on their " data " analyzed. What fucking data can they analyze when our version of the game is gimped compared to RU and KR? Are they comparing data using the generated content from KR and RU; where they had atleast twice the amount of farmable mats from ridge, south vern dungeon, heroic guardians, and abyss trials? Or are they simulating progression off people who are playing 24/7 with 6 fucking alts?

And then the statement about players " spending more time " on horizontal content? Fuck off LMFAO . I can reasonably guess that the large majority of people who are fucking around with the horizontal content is because THERE’S LITERALLY NOTHNIG TO DO IN OUR VERSION OF THE GAME after chaos/guardians. So, if you’re done doing all the tedious dailies, fuck it go collect some mokokos??? Do they really think that players are just forgoing their chaos dungeons and guardian raids because they are busy collecting mokokos LMFAO??

Quote number 2:

** We’re going to keep the near future focused on horizontal content and giving players clear paths for progression without feeling like they need to pay. We want to give more players time to reach the end-game before introducing Legion Raids (the definitive Lost Ark raiding experience), and ensure players are able to explore Arkesia and progress at their own pace without feeling pressured to race toward end-game content**

So, they don’t want players to feel pressured in reaching towards end-game content. What they actually mean is that they don’t want players to feel pressured to reach gear score levels to participate in raids.

Now, what do they mean that they want players to progress at their own pace? Every fucking player is going to seemingly dictate on how they progress based on how much time they even have to play video games WITH how much commitment they have towards Lost Ark. Do they actually think that releasing content too quickly will cause players to lose their mind and priortize gaming over real-life responsibilities? Fuck no, 95% of players are still going to play the game just as they’ve been doing.

The " casual " players are not going to give a fuck if there’s content that they can’t immediately access because, well wat the fuck do you expect? You’re a casual player in an MMO . Do you think that releasing too much content is going to " pressure " a casual player and make them giga try hard?

The entire statement is just a PR response trying to convince the community that they care about the well-being of the player base, so they don’t want players to panic rush through content.

Tell me, in this roadmap, why do you think South Vern needs to be delayed til April? Why do guardian trials need to be delayed til May? Simply put, they don’t want players to access the pletiful of additional mats because they WANT players to experience a more heinous deadzone; hoping to incentivize YOU to spend money.

Now, it’s fucking obvious this is the case because the company needs to prioritize profits but I hate you stupid white knights who think these decisions are made for anything but profits? This company doesn’t give a shit about you f2p players because as long as they heavily milk a sub group, they’re going to have good returns.

You guys remember the leaked roadmap?

Now, I can’t find the original leaked roadmap but you can clearly see from this article about the leaked map that it actually almost perfectly lines up with what just recently announced. The only difference is that they pushed the legion raids back 1 month, swapped the release order of destroyer > arcana into lance master > destroyer.

It’s so obvious that them releasing lance master as the new class is just doing PR dmg control based on the community uproar about class releases. See, the original plan from the leaked roadmap was Destroyer April, then Arcana May. If they simply swapped the classes, then Lancemaster would have came in May, not April. And before people claim that all the leaked changes were tentative to change; I can assure you that the only reason Lancemaster was substituted for Arcana and swapped orders with Destroyer was to " stop the bleeding " .

Finally, speaking of these class releases. Let’s do some critical thinking. Many players are speculating that the class releases are delayed because of the upcoming Korean class reworks/revamps. And hey, it’s actually a positive decision to delay the release of a class if they’re going to totally improve the QOL of a class and make their kits more up to par. If the release the " trash " classes in Korea in their current state, then they’d only get more backlash from players, especially if they intend to rework them within a few months.


There has been awful communication between the devs and the community. We don’t fucking KNOW WHY THEY DECIDED TO RELEASE CLASSES LIKE THIS. If they’re actually doing all this to " benefit" us players, it would only make logical sense that they’d update us with this reasoning. But with their current position, anything that they’d say is going to seem like BS after whatever disaster they’ve caused these 2 months. So, they decide it’s best to just shut up about this issue and shove Lancemaster down your throats, so that you guys stfu.

There’s only one reason why they gatekept south vern material farming, guardian trial material farming, abyss trial material farming , and changed argos, yoho, and Oreha dungeons all to 1370. No, it’s not to make the game more casual friendly and to relieve pressure off players; it’s to get your fucking money. The copium that you Lost Ark white knights inhale doesn’t change reality. Nobody says that you white knights cant have fun with the game, but to not acknowledge the predacious profiting scheme is just plain ignorance.


I think you forgot to mention the ugly dark blob that Demonic has become. I think it should be called shadowhunted because that is what she looks like to be.


TF u talking about???

I’m talking about popular issues. I guess you haven’t even noticed it.

Shadowhunted LMAO. Demonic form turns your character black in our version of the game. Shadowhunter demon form have a different color - #3 by Lalokx