My third powerpass disappeared?


I had one more powerpass still available, but since the last few days, it disappeared. The yellow ‘‘powerpass’’ button, in the character selection, turned back to gray and when I click on it, it says I don’t have any powerpass left. I didn’t even create my third character. Is there a reason for that or it just bugged?


There are only 2 Powerpasses.

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As @Bobi mentioned, you can only have 2 power-pass, there is no 3rd one. Are you referring to the 2nd one?

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theres only 2 fam

Aahh oopss :sweat_smile: Yeeah, I mean the 2nd. :grimacing:

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In this case I recommend you to do a file integrity verification (Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files), check again and if that doesn’t work, contact our live support so they can further investigate your case.

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Alright. Will do. Thank you!

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