My thoughts on "limiting" servers

I’m sorry, but this has been a very poor decision made on your part.

Software Developers are problem solvers. Their job and pay is for solving problems. The problem Lost Ark was facing was the assumption that Europeans are a small bunch of people and 8 servers will be enough.

Basic research would show you that Europe is probably the largest thing out there in the world, but let’s say you didn’t do it. Couldn’t you at least check in your database all the orders and games sold prior to 8th February and assess if you need to change your stance on that assumption as engineers?

You didn’t? Okay, let’s continue.

Fast forward to launch, you see the issue presented to you in its true form. Now all hands should be on deck, community is dissatisfied. We clearly needed to bring more capacity.
What’s that? They have queues of 8 hours? Okay, we need to address this.
And now, for whatever bizarre reason, instead of fixing the issue, by giving more capacity, by giving more room to existing servers, and also creating new ones, you just forbid people from creating new characters on the servers. You forbid them to play with their friends, in order to “fix” queue times. Hey, I’ll give you one better - just go one step further. Forbid us from launching the game. You might as well do it with your thought process.

But seriously, Is this what engineers really are paid to think and do?
I’m in shock. I’m not sure who is running this ship, but whoever it is, you guys are the worst software developers I have ever seen. Completely inadequated decisions, that instead of fixing the problem, create more problems than existed. If you tell me that your servers cannot be scaled, due to techincal reasons, then that just proves it even more by making wrong decisions on the architectural level of things.

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I agree with you.

There are already games, quite old, it doesn’t matter which server you connect to, in the end you always have your characters and their progress. This is not new, nor is it newly discovered alien technology.

“New World” failed because it used an old and obsolete NetCode, since someone, who surely called his computer friend to install the applications on his mobile phone, decided not to implement a better NetCode.

In “Lost Ark” it seems that they keep hiring the same person :slight_smile:

In short, it is a pity that the largest server company in the world does not have the capacity to hire Professionals who resolve.

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Backseat game developers are so annoying.