My UI Fix and Feature requests

I would like to get some features if you could implement please:

Big patch came out today, I’m not sure any of the above got fixed, or considered, let us see guys, shall we? Let me know if any of them from the list items got into the game…

Hope devs reading this. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:
I might update the topic later on if I can get into the game and during play I remember something else I forgot now.

-Stop the hidden ui setting reset. They keep resetting, when you open inventory/map, or a scenario changes view/“part”. It keeps resetting everything, even though I hid everything except the main bar for more immerision, like this, and I would like to enjoy epic gameplay like the screenshots below:

First of all need a fix for this ASAP:
-make item loot popup moveable! VERY VERY DISTRACTING on the middle of the screen! Frustrating the hell out of me after one week of play already!

-Let us change interact button to whatever we like to
-Let me use/change mouse middle button/scroll wheel to whatever we like to (I would like to put auto move on mouse middle click)

Feature requests:
-Separate UI scale for the UI areas. Example: I like bags smaller, main bar bigger, minimap in a normal (100%) state, world map in a smaller size (like 70%). To achieve this the separate UI objects should be scaled and moved separately from each other.
-Remember position for the UI ineractive areas, like bags, world map, achievement window, etc.

One more request:
-Give additional zoom-in level. Additional +20% zoom level (zoom in a bit more but not too much) would be awesome.
Explanation: I think in some cases where you want to enjoy the details and scenery a TINY BIT more zoom-in would be awesome. The current second state of the zoom is quiet useless though, only you can check out your character, maybe something in your close vicinity, but that’s it. You can’t really move around with that big zoom-in state.


Agree, UI is annoying as hell.
If somebody played a few hours facing these problems hard, no idea how these were not touched during the years.
One more thing that would be good to remember map zoom level. Many times opening and closing them and need to zoom in each and every time, because it forget the zoom level.
Not even talked about the totally unnecessary Visiting Merchant spam, after one time check it or clicked on the banner.
It seems there is no UI tester or designer for the game, so many features or over complicated with text, but hard to find out how it is working.