My whole discord group quit

there were 48 people in our discord and they quitted about 30 min ago and now they’re playing wow and i dont wanna play wow, please ban the BOTSS pleasee


Lmfao this has to be the best post in a while


Ever consider they are addicted to WoW? Cause this game is miles greater than WoW, and I played WoW for 11 years


I just joined a new discord of people playing wow. I think I might join them. Which discord are you in? I’ll join your friends!

Make new friends or also quit

There’s always that 1 guy in the group that does not quit.

This game is just single player with a lobby/chat room to me anyways, sounds like your friends are just hype chasers anyways.

Like the bots are the reason they quit…

Game is to hare for them, they need gcd and slow gameplay

Oh nooo they went to play wow today?

Cause if ALL decides to quit 30 mins ago that sounds like bs.

They play wow today and come back tomorrow to check out the new content.

And to still think people who enjoy the game quit because they see a gathering of berserkers in town is a joke…

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It’s not bots existing it’s the lack of action taken on the issue. It’s been months now and gold farmers + chaos scripters are still going strong. It is honestly the one thing that makes me think of quitting. I enjoy the game otherwise.

I read this post about 10 times to understand.

Did they quit from discord, too ? If yes how do you know they are playing WoW ?

Is 30 mins enough for quiting a game. Maybe they will come to game 2 hours later.

I understand this one. Loud and clear.

I also don’t want to see bots in this game. But what is the connection between you, your friends and bots.

Did you speak with your friends or did you just see them playing WoW and their last online time was 30 mins ago .

They can only ban you for this post.

Or play alone like pro

so they basically quit the game because of bots yes, but not from the reason there are bots. because amazon doesnt try to ban the bots, asmongold said a simple way to reduce bots, just remove the first rabbit pet. and they decided to play wow they’re still in discord and they also told me to come but i like ark. i just wanted to tell this thats all