Mysterious Noble Banquet Skin clips during emotes

I bought and dyed a Mysterious Noble Banquet set, as shown here:

When using some emotes (pictured is /cheer), the inside layer of the skin (or just a random trapezoid? Im not really sure) will clip through the outside layer:

This last one just looks like there’s a random shard stuck in her:


My character is a Bard, I don’t know if this happens on any other classes.

Other emotes I see this on is /advance, /sway, /bored, /stretch, /blow a kiss, /roar, /threaten, /whistle, /proud, /umarka, /lailai, /wavedance, /spirit recovery, /error, /dance /disappointed, and /surprised. Sometimes only a couple pixels show, while sometimes it is a pretty big piece.

I do not own /joy, /pain, /laugh, /star dance, or /levitate so I don’t know if it happens on those or not.

I find it really annoying mostly because /cheer will play (zoomed in, even) at the end of each guardian raid, and due to my dye choice it’s like, super noticeable. I hope that this can be fixed.


Hello, Arara! :wave:

Thanks for providing the screenshots regarding this clipping issue, I can definitely understand being mildly annoyed when your skin clips.

I’ll forward this report over to the devs for you, have a great weekend!

Thank you! I can only hope it’s something that isn’t that hard to fix.

Not a problem! :slight_smile: