Mystic Event Raid Request

Can we extend this event for another week? I had a troublesome player in my lobby where they chose not to time the kill on gate two and wasted our time. The lobby agreed to quit the raid but after the popup, there was an accidental vote for rewards claim – I think others were quick to click yes for quitting, withdrawing progression and accepting the mid rewards…

I am frustrated that I am short mystic event tokens from buying the Mokoko Hammer Selection Chest (130/150) due to this mishap. Please consider this scheduling as I am sure other players have suffered from this loss.

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Even without intentional sabotage groups can still fail and people (accidentally?) claim the rewards.

I think a lot of people don’t really understand the quit interface.

  1. Do you vote to restart the current phase?
  2. Do you vote to stop the whole raid?
  3. Do you want to claim rewards up to where you’ve cleared, but also lock out the raid this week?

It’s a convoluted system and the popups all look basically the same.

yesterday I lost connection on the 3rd gate and I can’t repeat it anymore.A week ago I couldn’t communicate with mokoko ,this is how I lost the rewards from the event :v:

First week I bought the present things first and didnt notice mystic was only 3 weeks long only allowing ne to get 2 of the 3 150 token items

Well, the hammer is not terribly impressive IMO. If you have one, you don’t really need another.