Mystic Raid Experience

This new event raid is awesome! I only wish I can play more of my characters on it per week. What do you all think about having the raid be character bound vice roster bound? Even if rewards can only be received once or only partial rewards received after first week clear? It is an event after all.

my exp is so bad,

wasting hours to try to find a decent party.

hope they wont release something like this again!

the boss is literally designed to be facerolled without knowing any mechanics before hand. There is no “decent party” it’s a boss made for toddlers

if youhad luck on ur matchmaking is up to you. my matchmaking are almost fail=quit dung.

it’s a decently fun fight, i personally wouldn’t do it more than once a week as it’d get stale to me if i did, but i’m not against this idea of “char limit but no rewards after first in roster” being an option for people who do wanna do it more.

not like there’s many rewards for it anyway though so even people who don’t like it aren’t missing anything really. just 2 fuzzy hammers (toy item similar to the drumbeat island one), 1 relic rapport, and 1 leg rapport and that’s it.

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sorry you had a bad experience. I even went into it blind. I guess I got lucky with a cool group of people. Working together to figure out the boss.

Also, if the content was too easy, what would be the point?

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Yea… I just really like doing INSANE numbers… I played it with my scrapper and I would like to see what my other characters’ numbers can do also :smiley:

I thought it was fun. They should definitely add this to the event guardian/challenge abysall dungeons rotation in the future. Even with the rather paltry rewards, it’s a fun experience and I wish I could run it again before reset on a different character

Players: “Hey this event is kinda fun could it become a permanent raid?”

AGS: “No.”