NA Beta Day 1 Bugs

Here are list of bugs my friends and I encountered while playing the NA Beta on Day 1.

  1. In the Character Creation screen, character names only allow for 1 capital letter in the name, while in other regions of the game you can have multiple. (IE: NA/EU - Omnipower VS KR/JP/RU - OmniPower) This really limits various players, streamers and content creators name customization; should be adjusted before official release.

  2. By default in the Game Control Settings, Attack With Right Click is checked. While this may not be an issue for a new player to get used to… Veterans have always been used to the default being Right click to move/interact and Left to attack. In other versions of the game that check box was for left-handed players, should really consider adjusting this default setting before official launch.

  3. Cutscene sound levels are unaffected by sound settings. I had master volume set to 80% and all independent sound levels to 10%, but every time a cutscene would play, it would ignore those settings. It also happened to my friends while playing.

  4. There’s an ability called Flash “Shash” in the Paladin skills menu… I think that must be a typo for Flash “Slash”. Should consider reviewing ability names before release for every class and make sure there aren’t other typos.

  5. Toxicclaw Cavern “Poison Pouches” are referred to as “Poison Collectors” in the quest tooltip when destroyed. Keeping consistency with name labels for quest objectives will avoid confusion during player’s experiences.

  6. All other sound effects except dialogue disappear or become muted when you arrive at Regria Monastery and it stays that way until you exit to Saland Hill on multiple characters and different accounts.

  7. During the Glorious Wall and Blackrose Chapel Hall story instances your pet disappears, even though if you check your pet inventory, it says it’s still summoned. This forces the player to go back manual looting of items that drop during those moments. It’s def a bug, considering if the pet is spawned it should stay by your side even in instances.



Great list.

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Flash Shash still exists during launch, low priority.

Thank you!