[NA-East] Aldebaran, Deepspacenine

Lone wolf? Don’t like talking much? Wanna just enjoy the game without being pressured to do anything? Do you still want to be able to obtain Bloodstones? Deepspacenine is a casual guild with open recruitment on Aldebaran. ilvl 250 or higher can join without asking from the guild search, under 250 please reach out to Syhnful in-game to discuss joining.

The player comes before the guild in Deepspacenine. You get to keep more of your weekly contribution than most. Our Bloodstone distribution is set at a cozy 20% for the guild, 80% for the player. You work hard in your every day life and deserve to keep more of the sweat of your brow when it comes to the guild. The guild may not level the fastest on the server because of it but, our players will be able to afford more entrance tickets, upgrade materials and end game potions.

We are currently a super relaxed guild, with that said, if you only want to join to farm some bloodstones for a bit and then you leave, thats cool with us. Our founding members are in the millitary and going through college, like you we have more important things in life than the game. As long as you do 1 guild weekly, we will be cool with you.

Just a lil bumperoo to say we have a discord, and it is not required at all. its a “its there if you want it” thing