NA-EAST Aldebaran Need Help

Hello everyone, I come to comment that the NA-East aldebaran server needs help, and whoever says otherwise is because they have not played in aldebaran for hours to compare it, the server has dead hours from 23:00 PM to 08:00 AM where the The only island that could be said “full” is Lullaby Island, on the one hand it is good on some islands since you have no competition to try to get the soul out of pvp islands that are always 2 or 3 people at those hours, but it is also boring to play a “solo” mmorpg. Almost every day the only places that have more than 1 channel are cities, I could say that the other 70% of the server has only one channel per map due to lack of people. If I want to do pvp to stay in 20% of my server I have to do between 80-150 games a week and if I want to stay in less than 5% I have to do more than 200 games minimum (6-8 hours per day playing FULL pvp) this is absurd compared to other servers, the same goes for all the content that several people need from the same server after 23:00 PM literally if you arrive after that time to play you lost the day xD please help aldebaran

Note: I don’t know if I have errors, I’m using translator