[NA-EAST Aldebaran]

Mortiest of Mortys is looking for members, new or experienced! We need help to grow and flourish as a great team! My self (Rukiakuma,) Charolotte (guild leader,) and Gomack (founder,) are all active every day and willing to answer any questions or invites! Helping others isn’t an issue to us and would gladly love to help you along your way! We are not experts ourselves but willing to do what we need to help get you the information you need if we don’t know it! Maybe you need help in a dungeon or mission, not a problem! We can help you out as much as we can in any way! We also have a discord setup, which if accepted, is in our guild announcement message!

Have friends you want to bring as well? Good news! That is fine and we will gladly accept them in with you! How about it, are you the Mortiest of Morty’s, or are you just a normal person and no excitement to go on adventures? Join us now, Grandpa Rick wants you!

We’re still looking for people, please if you’re interested or just would like a guild to join let me know! I really hope everyone can find this guild a place to call home! Again, we are regularly active, run chaos dungeons, we are helpful and more! Please take us into consideration, we would love to have you!

My buddy and I are looking to join a guild or continue building ours. I’ve got a lot of toons and my buddy has a few too. We play quite a bit.

Hello hello I will contact you in a couple of hours… Im interested in a gremmy like this