[NA EAST ALL SERVERS] Hybrid Theory - Endgame active guild recruiting all experience levels. Endgame farm and teaching parties

Guild Name: Hybrid Theory
Server: All NA East servers welcome. Regulus is the home server.
Language: English
Focus: PvE

Hybrid Theory is a social multi-gaming community that is looking for more like minded players to join our Lost Ark community. We have great a player base across multiple games including: Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, and New World. We are looking for social players to help create an environment that promotes spending time with your guild mates even when you’re not doing the same activity. If you are the type who never contributes to chat, never joins a voice channel, or only reaches out when you need assistance, then we are not the community for you.

What We Offer
A fun, friendly, and drama free environment that understands there is life outside of the game
Scheduled and spontaneous events for in game activities
A space for both new, veteran, and high tier players
An active and social discord

Raiding Schedule
HM Brelshaza G5-G6 (currently only have a few people ready)
HM Brelshaza G1-G4 (progression group with open spots)
Brelshaza G5-G6 (1 group of farmers, no full static)
Brelshaza G1-G4 (multiple farm groups, additional alt runs)
Clown guild runs (4 runs, additional alt runs)
HM Vykas guild runs (2 runs with additional alt runs as needed. Because of Brelshaza limiting the number of raids permitted our HM Vykas groups are not as frequent, teaching runs at request)
HM Valtan guild runs (6 runs minimum with additional alt runs as needed, teaching runs at request)
NM Vykas alts (teaching runs at request)
NM Valtan alts (teaching runs at request)
Argos alts (ran when requested)

What We Are Looking For?
Active, Social, and Mature players
A helpful and non-elitist attitude

Age 18+
Based in North America
Join the Hybrid Theory Discord

Weekdays: 6pm EST - 1am EST
Weekends: Varies
Scheduled events are planned in advance on discord. Our current progression and end game raid events are Wednesday - Friday. Alt runs occur randomly, users are pinged when groups are forming.
Spontaneous events happen immediately when enough players are online and willing to participate.
We try to schedule teaching raids when we can but with the amount of homework it can be difficult. We ask new members interested in a teaching run instead of a bus to simply ask. So, if you’re new and interested in learning we’d be happy to take you on a tour of legion raids.

If you are offline for more than 14 days without notice you will be removed from the guild.

We are open to players in the NA-East region outside of Regulus joining as well. In fact, half of our progression level players aren’t on Regulus.

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Still looking for active players!

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Bump. Recruiting all experience levels. We’ve also started teaching parties for those interested in learning content.

Learning parties? Yes please. Just got my gunlancer to 1370 and a couple other classes not far behind but never done Argos, valtan, vykas or clown. Definitely interested in learning if you guys are willing.

We’d be happy to have you!

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Shall I just contact you in game? I joined the discord but locked outta channels lol

Sent you a message on discord.

Bumpy Bump Bump

BUMP bump!

Bump, got a few fresh spots available!

Raid times are late nights I take it?

Progression raiding is usually at 9pm eastern. Everything else can start anytime from 6pm-11pm eastern. Because of the holidays everyone’s schedule got a bit off the rails, we’re working on it though! :slight_smile:

Also, bump


Bump. Got a lot of mokokos lately. Good to see new players still joining the game!


Bump to top. Got 8 spaces now, cleared out some inactive users. Jump in while you can!

Good luck finding players!

Thanks! We’ve got room for a mod as well if you’re interested :wink:

Bump it!