NA East - Avesta being locked

I’ve been on Avesta since Wednesday with about 6 other friends. None of us have had a queue and I’ve logged on at 7pm EST. Has anyone had a queue for this server? Why is it locked?

I get it’s probably close to full and with the F2P launch it probably will become full, but not being able to play with friends is insanely more frustrating than a short queue. Why lock servers that haven’t had a queue without any other information to when it’ll be unlocked?


All servers are down for maintenance m8

Not even remotely what he is talking about.

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It was locked last night, as in new players can’t create characters on it

I also play on NA East Avesta. The 3 other NA East servers that were locked (Regulus, Una, Azena) usually have the server status of “Full” or “Busy”. Avesta had the status “Good” for the majority of the day, even in the evening when player count is at its highest. It seems like Avesta doesn’t fall into the same category of population size as the other 3. I’ve never experienced a queue time on Avesta and I’ve been playing the game (logging in and out throughout the day) since its early access release on Tuesday.

They are locking the Headstart servers at launch to allow Headstart players to not endure massive queue times and being unable to play.

I for one appreciate this as I bought the founders pack for every friend that didn’t have it. We all got onto the same server with the names we wanted. This experience comes from being in multiple head-starts, alphas, betas, stress tests, etc.

They’re not locking all of the “headstart” servers, they are only locking 4 out of the 7 servers in the NA East region. One of those 4 being Avesta, which from all metrics the average player can gather (server status and the presence of no queues) this server has the smallest population of the 4 being locked. The original post is about Avesta being considered as one of the high population servers at risk of extreme queue times even though, given the knowledge we have, it is not in the same category as the other 3 locked servers.

I was kinda upset when Avesta locked. My headstart friends and I intentionally picked a less populated server to give f2p players a chance to join us. I thought our chances were good considering we NEVER had a queue and the server was not as busy as the other 3. They should have left Avesta up with Landon and Galatur for more time. Now we have the lowest population compared to Azena, Una, and regulus and can’t even have more players added. We got screwed.

Yes, exactly. They’re just blanket locking all higher pop servers without actually looking into them.

@Roxx Are some servers going to be unlocked earlier than others? Avesta seems to have the lowest population of the 4 locked servers on NA East with no queue times but is being locked.