[NA EAST] *Avesta* Burnt Out is recruiting

Primary timezone: EST (most active from 6pm-3am)

  • 30+ Members with mains 1490+, another 12 under 1460

  • Learning groups for Vykas and Valtan

  • Guild level 20, shop level 5

  • Multiple leveled up alt guilds with lvl 5 guild shops for all your alts!

  • Raiding and Guild event focused

  • Organizing bussing for income and alts

  • Find some like minded people for your upcoming Brel group

Recruitment is open to everyone from fresh 1370’s looking for mentors to 1475+ looking for hardcore raiding partners.

The best fit candidates are ones looking for a community focused guild. Hang out on Discord, run group content together, be active in chats (post some pet pics!). Many of our members enjoy the social aspects of a game best.

Burnt Out has previously operated as Zoned Out (in Albion Online) and Collapsed Out (in Eve Online), as well as a more minor presence under various aliases in several other games. Our history as a community goes back around 10 years, and we have several members who have been around that whole time.

Join our discord and chat with some of our members to see if Brunt Out is the right Guild for you!

Bump, Been doing a lot of Vykas and Valtan pick ups, Argos busses. Come check out a guild that’s fun to hang out with and actually clear some content with!


Happy Labor Day!

Bumping, looking for more members

Hell there, Clown SOON! Join our discord and hang out with some cool people .

Bump, hope your clown prog is going well, your Showtimes clean and your Bingos easy!

Hello All


Hope your reset runs were clean!

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Hope you are all enjoying your floor POV on your new reaper Mains!


Hyped for Brel?

Hope you had fun with week 1 of Brel, I did. Full guild group learning together!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Years!