[NA East] [Avesta] Crypt is looking for active members!

Games are always better with friends


Crypt is looking for active members to progress the guild and with each other!

We’re definitely a discord/chat-driven group. Even when we are leveling separately we like to chat!
While we understand everyone has different play styles with games, we are looking for folks who are actively on at least a few times a week. Many of our die-hard members are looking to group up for guardians, raids, and more. But don’t let that frighten you! We host group events for tome completion, Mokoko hunts, and plan to do more!

Since we are actively progressing, if you are gone for 10+ days we tend to remove you from our in-game guild to make room for those who are active [This has become a bit more leniant]. This isn’t to say you can’t join back once we have more slots. Most of us are in our mid-twenties and up! That being said we understand that RL comes first. So if you notify us ahead of time that you’ll be gone - it’s no biggie.

Based on recent activity, we are looking for T3 members! Most lower levels dip halfway :sob: and we want a group that wants to stick to it and play for the long haul! Thanks :heart:

Feel free to reach out to Anarchyhale in game if you have any questions!

u guys still lookin for people? :eyes:

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Sure are Lol

Woo! Still lookin!

Still looking !