[NA East - Avesta] <Free Parking> is LF Potential Guild Merges

As the playerbase gets smaller and groups become more concentrated, attrition maintenance becomes harder, so Free Parking on Avesta is on the hunt for some potential guilds looking to merge!

What we’re looking for in a guild:

  • Social: Having overleveled people to raid with is nice, but we prefer a better fitting social atmosphere than necessarily a more stacked group. If you’re into the community aspect of what it means to have a guild, then we think we can make things work.
  • Open to Guild Activities: Though we aren’t necessarily looking for stacked players, we are looking for people who would like to clear raids, GvX (occasional island symbol enjoyers and you can be too!), and other such content to continue to foster the guild environment. Its ok to lurk, but we don’t bite so don’t be afraid to run with us!
  • Patient: Our guild loves to have new players come along for teaching runs and farming runs to show them the ropes so that they too will better learn how to play and enjoy the game. As such, we prefer patient players who, from time to time, are willing to give new mokokos a little room to breathe. Joining teaching runs isn’t necessary, but if you do encounter a new mokoko in guild, then we’d prefer they be treated with a helpful attitude than a gatekeepy one.
  • Helpful: Merging with a new guild can be strenuous and we’d like to make it easy for both parties, so help and any advice from your guild is welcome. We’d like to make sure that your members feel heard as well!

A few notes about Free Parking:

  • Level and Shop: We currently hold two Lv. 20 Guilds and three—soon, four—guilds with max guild shop.
  • Activity Level: Discord is always bustling with chatters and those eager to help new players. Our voice chat activity is very high with often over 20 people in VC during peak hours and days.
  • GvX: We actively participate and are competitive in various forms of GvX. We’ve held islands before and are looking to keep doing so.
  • Gearscore and Numbers: We have an active majority of around 40 players with a minority of lurkers. Our average gearscore is around 1490. Of our core group, over 20 are 1500+. The rest are at various points between 1475 and 1490 with a bias towards 1490. All players of any gearscore are welcome with us. Please do not hesitate to inquire about a merger. We do not care about gearscore. Community is the most important aspect.

If you and your group are interested, please do not hesitate to DM me ON DISCORD (Xanderru#9225)! We can discuss the dynamics of a multi-player guild transfer in DMs. Thank you! Happy raiding! I don’t frequently check the forums, so the best way to reach me is Discord.