NA East Avesta - House Avesta - Casual Friendly

Hey there, I am in House Avesta on NA East Server Avesta… really finding a name was hard lol

I play a Shadowhunter with my friends and we got to the quest to join a guild. We decided to make one instead though. We are Casual Friendly just goofing off and playing around enjoying the story. We help each other out when we can. We avoid drama, are LGBT+ friendly, and believe that there is strength in numbers! If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of then come join us. Send a request and/or shot us a message, my character name is Letatis, and will get you in.

I just got to sailing in the game myself and been wandering around slowly learning things. Never played this before and been looking up alot of things online. Not looking for a certain gear score or perfection just come as you are. We do not pvp much but doesnt mean you cant. Just means we might not be able to help much if at all if you do lol

I will probably delete this once I realize and it sinks in that I actually posted this. Most of us are introverts with the occasionally moments of grandeur… and this was my Moment! drinks my glass of day wine

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