[NA East Avesta] Phoenix is recruiting!

Looking for a new semi-hardcore guild in Lost Ark looking to push content in PvP and PvE?
Phoenix has risen!

Guild Name: Phoenix
Region: NA East - Avesta
Type: Semi-Hardcore/Casual
Language: English (We don’t mind what time zone you are in! All are welcome!)

What we offer:
Currently a smaller group of MMO/MOBA players with experience in all high end ranked content reforming for the launch of Lost Ark. (Mythic Raids WoW (Sire was last raid for us)/Lineage 2 Epics/FFXIV/LoL etc…)
We have experience playing the Lost Ark betas and have spent time playing on the RU servers while some of us are going to be brand new!
We are a group of selfless, mature, 21+ that like to take the light hearted approach (generally there’s no filters in discord but toxicity is prohibited) and have a laid back aura about us. We are looking to play all content and have a fun time doing so!
Some of us are hardcore players, others are semi-hardcore and few are casual. We welcome all and look forward to helping and having a good time with those looking to join us!

Guild activities will include:
PvX ranging from casual to progression based
Guild discounts on items and priority trading between guild members
Friendly competitions with rewards

-Officer slots are open!

Mains only! Alts will be accepted at a later time when the 2nd guild is created.
10 Day inactive rule. Though, there are exceptions due to vacations/emergencies/sick etc. After 10 days of inactivity you will be removed but can appeal.
Discord required!
Daily Donations! This is big, without donations the guild can not grow. More details on this at release.
NO Toxicity of any kind! Zero tolerance.

If we sound like a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to me via pm or msg me on discord: Sareyene#4829/Ely#5962
Rise with Phoenix!

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We bite, but only if you want it.

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Mmmmm tasty

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We also serve refreshments prior to raids AND a free bottle of ibuprofen before pvp events!

Few more spots available! 4 more days to go!

3 days till Santa comes again! Get your guild bloodstones!

2 more days and 4 spots available !