[NA-East: Avesta] [PvX] [Discord] ~Dreamcatchers: Welcome to all~

MMOs are about the people, the relationships and the memories.

Our home strives to build a community for all to belong, share and relax together. We are a new guild whose vision is to develop a deep knitted group rather than the larger corporate guilds. Whether you’re stuck on progression, a hardcore PvE/PvP player or fresh to the game, there’s no problem we cannot tackle together. At our core, we are all looking to make new friends to share in on the good times, the bad RNG and the poggers.

Unlike other communities, we pride ourselves in our communication. We have active voice coms and new members are always welcome.

Requirements and Guild Duties?
-Non-Toxic: I don’t need none of that in my life. Do you?
-Relaxed: while weeklies and donos are important, we don’t want you to stress out over it. You’ve got enough of that from your everyday lives! It benefits the players even more so than the guild so just do what you got time for.
-English Speaking: though we are open to all, we are all English speakers and communication is key for us
-Over 21: we highly value maturity so if your mental age is over 21 feel free to join us
-Enthusiastic: there is so much to experience and we want people who will delve down to the deepest depths of every world with us
-Vocal: nothing warms my heart more than to see the discord servers full of activity. We want to hear from YOU and I promise that you that your voice will always be heard
-Activity: everyone has a life. Responsibilities come up and we understand. We don’t need to see you everyday but keep us updated, we care about you

Availability and Raiding
-Most of our members are free Fridays and on the weekends. The guild execs are always on throughout the week
-We don’t have an official raid schedule but that can be subject to change based on demand. Weekends work the best for most members

About the Execs
Guild Master: Kalibur [Paladin: 1385]
-Plays a little too much but is always down to help out. If you need tips on progressing, a support for your raids or help with your homework he’s the guy.

Guild Deputy: Herpersonality [Sorc: 1340]
-It’s not about about what’s on the outside, it’s about what’s on the insi…just kidding. Herassets was already taken. Suggested the guild be called WaifuHunters. Enough said. Come to him for the laughs and the memes.

Guild Officer: Hungry [Deathblade: 1385]
-An absolute enigma. He comes, he goes, but always will he be there when you need him the most. Resident PvP expert and guy voted most likely to be the anime protagonist. Real talk, he’s the guy you turn to liven the mood of a party.

We want to meet you. Take that leap of faith and you’ll never look back. Join us for the help, stay for the good times~

Add DangSquared#9134 on Discord or Kalibur in game for more information~

Still looking for more members! Join before it’s full!

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Sent a friend request in the game and Discord, interested in learning more.

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Think I got back to yah! If not, let me know!

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Still looking for a few more players! Hit me up on discord, in game or the forums!

Looking for 1370 DPS players ready for Argos!! We have too many supports!!!

Need more DPS players for P2 Argos Raids!! We have many supports at 1400 and need more DPS to fill our ranks!! Join while spots last!!