[NA EAST] [AVESTA] Reflex recruiting

❖Guild Name: Reflex
❖Server: NA East- Avesta
❖Language: English
❖Age Requirements: 20+ (most of us are 25-35)
❖Guild Level: 7

❖This Guild has a range of players from collectors/market flippers/to high end raiding/pvp. A bulk of us are from high end raiding guilds in other MMOs such as WoW and FF14. We’re looking to expand our roster of active players. Prefer to recruit those in tier 3 but will recruit active tier 2 players that just got a late start on the game. We plan on completing all end game content. We don’t have weak mentals here. We are used to bleeding edge progression in other MMOs and will not rage at you for a wipe. Whisper me in game:
IGN: Paradoxx/Oorangees

Discord: oorangees#3115