[ NA East / Avesta ] -Yso Serious- Lvl.11 Recruiting iLvl 1415+

Guild Name: Yso Serious (Why so Serious)
Server: Avesta - NA East
Guild Level: 11 (45/50)
Language: English

Looking For: iLvl 1415+ players

What’s going on, y’all. This guild was initially created for 2 main reasons, community and casual gameplay. We’re a group looking to hang out in discord and do what we love, game and chill.

As we’ve continued to play Lost Ark and found a love for it, we’re looking to stay as relevant as we can with our busy schedules. We still want to emphasize that it’s a casual guild, so playing with us won’t feel like a job by any means, but we are looking for active players. Because we’re focused more on our community, we prefer you to be active in discord, but if you’re at least doing guild donations and research aid (20/80 dist. with only 100 contribution at the time this post was made) we would be happy to have you.

We currently have one group in Valtan Hard, half of which are ready for Vykas Hard and looking for more players to fill a Valtan Normal. We have sign-ups in discord and our raid times are from 9pm-12pm EST starting Thursdays and other days as necessary (most of the time we just do argos on other days until more content is added.)

We would love for you to be a part of our community and help us build something great. If you’re interested, please stop by the discord or send a request in game. Thanks for your time reading this and we’ll hopefully see you soon or in Arkesia.

Discord: Why So Serious?