[NA East - Azena] Blackheart

Blackheart is looking for veteran and brand new players alike to build a healthy collaborative community at launch to work together towards end game actives and goals. I am also looking for people who might be interested in a daytime EST and night time EST officer positions (experienced players preferred). Looking to build a friendly and helpful place for new players to learn Lost Ark and for experienced players to have reliable guildmates. Guild is currently open to join in game. Discord capable players preferred.

I hope to see you all in game and I hope your having fun so far.

Can I get a link to the discord? I’m planning on for the first time this weekend and would love to have some people to learn the game with

Old folks and family friendly … lol

Definitely interested, if there are spots available still I’d love to check you guys out. Hoping I can log in before I have to go to work today but we will see. I’m going to main a sorc loved it in Russia and seemed to fit my playstyle well.