[NA East - Azena] Diversity Hire wants YOU! PvX w/ PvE Focus

But who is Diversity Hire?

We are a group of gamers that have played together in various games for over 5+ years. We are looking to bolster our numbers to continue to be able to build a strong community of progression-minded adults who are looking to get things done in a chill + fun atmosphere.

Most of us are working professionals that aren’t looking to waste too much time when we get down to the pixel and loot farming.

Why should you join Diversity Hire?

If you are looking to play with a diverse group of players with an extensive history in gaming, competitive and non-competitive, then this is the group for you. We are serious when we need to be and then spend the rest of the time joking around.

We aren’t here for drama, bullying, or harassment. So, if that is your schtick, go ahead and keep scrolling.

What are we looking for?

  • Must be at least 21+ years old.

  • Discord will be required when doing end game progression/content.

  • Minimum gear level 400+ (This is a loose req. Message us to discuss.)

  • Contributions to the guild is a required. We are trying to do great things as a group.

  • Being active (in-game + Discord) will be important

Contact us:

You can feel free to reach out to us through any of the following methods:

Discord Message: Chiroptera#3666

Diversity Hire Discord: Diversity Hire

In-game: Chiroptera

Still recruiting strong players!