[NA East - Azena] <Kairos> 🔥 Chill guild looking for fun/active/cool people. (Newbies and learners welcomed! Check us for brelz teaching run info!)

Guild Name: Kairos (Mains only!)

Server: Azena (NA-East)

Language: English

Guild Level: 18

Are you tired of learning new mechanics for abyss, valtan, and even just guardians? Well we have you covered. We’re looking for active chill people to casually PvP/PvE with in Lost Ark as we power to endgame in T3. We have fat DPS (1560+), supports (all of them), and overall fun people if you’re looking for a good time.

Good Stuff Breakdown:

  • Our guildmaster likes gold! (you can win her over with enough gold like its rapport)
  • We do weeklies together so you’ll never have a bad/toxic teammate!
  • We use discord! (you can chill in vc with us for callouts or party it up)
  • We won’t judge you!..that much
  • We can 1 shot clown and brelz :smiley:
  • Statics! We have statics if you’d like to join one especially for mama brelz!
  • Lots of teaching runs! If you want to learn then we have you covered :slight_smile:


  • ilvl 1415+ (we have an alt guild for lower than normal valtan!)
  • Be active! (2 weeks inactive without notice and its the boot)
  • Age 18+ (we’re not catching a case)
  • Be cool, no cringe
  • Able to/try to raid lead current and try future content.
  • Mains only!

Tried of playing by yourself and getting gate kept for not knowing the fight?
We have you covered! For a limited time we’ll be hosting a brelshaza teaching run each week. All we need are chill gamers who are willing to put in the time to learn, these are not carry runs :innocent:

PM TayJay#2291 on discord for fast response!
Reply to me here for a semi fast response!
Whisper Teyion on Lost Ark for a slow but reasonable pace response!

(Join by searching Kairos on Azena and let us know who you are to accept on DISCORD!)

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please help. guildmaster wont let me stop recruiting…bump

o_o Hi. Do you have any spots left?

1400 sorc

Hello! Yes we do have spots left. You can add me on discord at TayJay#2291 and let me know when you’re able to join the guild. Or just DM your character name so I can let the other members know to accept you :slight_smile:

Alright. There’s a timer, so I’ll let you know when it’s done ticking.

Sounds great! We look forward to lost arking with you :grin:

Bumped. Guildmaster has me working overtime on recruiting :smiling_face_with_tear:

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char name same as username

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We’re now level 6 bump!