[NA East] [Azena] KAIROS

[NA East][Azena] - Kairos

Guild name: Kairos

Language: English

We’re looking for new, active members to work towards doing endgame content with us! Kairos was started by me and a couple of my friends and we just want to enjoy the game with some new people and have fun. We’re currently a level 5 guild.

About us: Mainly we’re looking right now at doing pve content like abyss and guardian raids, but I know that a couple of our members love doing pvp. We take raiding seriously but out overall goal is just to have fun and make friends in the process doing something that we find enjoyable. Eventually, we want to do everything the game has to offer.

Ou goals/expectations: We’re all still learning this game, so we also just want new people in to be able to help everyone out because different perspectives and knowledge is always good to have! We’re looking for people that are respectful of others and want to get along well with everyone. Lastly, please be 18 or over. My friends and everyone in the guild is an adult and I don’t want any issues to pop up.

If you’re interested in joining feel free to apply on the guild tab or message me directly! We also have a discord that you can join!

In game: Ahryn, Shaoryn, Keryes, Rinielle

Discord: astrella#0170