[NA EAST- AZENA] Kill Sweep

Guild Name: Kill Sweep
Region: NA East
Language: English
Server: Azena
Focus: PvE/PvP and Tradeskills

Kill Sweep is a new casual guild looking to progress through end game content and PvP, any ilevel welcome. We promote a relaxed atmosphere where members can communicate freely. The guild is open to join so you can join anytime in game! Basic Requirements:
• Any ilevel, we will help each other out
• Contribute daily, aid in research
• Help out with guild tasks



My guild came over to LA from new world and most of the people didn’t enjoy the game

I’ve kinda came to a halt with the pve but I still play arena matches every day

I’m top ranked in several shooters on console looking for people to pvp with :smile:


What’s your name in game? I’m on Azena as well looking for some competitives PvPers. Former challenger in League so trying to transfer the skillsets over lol.

Nice man! I’ve only been on pc for a year but I was 6 world wide in division for player kills and top 250 in modern warfare and cold for for SnD

My user is Ihosa
Capital i then hosa :grin:

I figured league of legends players would be really good at this game :joy:

Haha the movement was easy to get used to, so that was certainly an advantage. I’ll add you when i get home. My buddy and I play a good amount of pvp so always down to get some games in to practice.

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Awesome bro sounds good :love_you_gesture:

Yoo I added you late I forgot I had to remove some friends first

I’ll look for u online later g