NA EAST [Azena] - Silent Lotus lvl 5 (New) Guild Recruitment

Guild: Silent Lotus (lvl 5)

Server: NA East (Azena)

Language: (English)

Silent Lotus is a super friendly guild looking for a collection of players who are semi-active and are willing to join a community who are happy to help one another of any content! :partying_face:

This guild was brought up so that we can form friendlier party setups for raids and other forms of PVE content! So in joining this guild, you’ll be getting to making parties easier with the intention of both improving and mastering our skills!

With that said, the guild is focused a lot more on PvE content so we are strongly looking for mains rather than alts. But because we are a small and new guild, any members are fine to join!

Let’s all join up and make it to the top together! :triumph:

:one: Semi-active players which entitles to anyone that logs in at least once per week. We don’t ever kick unless the guild starts getting full and there are members who have been offline for months. Good news though! We’re not even close to being full. :smiling_face_with_tear:

:two: We consider mains to be at least IL 1370 but we’re more than happy to invite any new players! :smile:

:three: PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)! So respect the rules and all your peers!

:four: Focus on having fun and helping each other along the way.

If you have any questions or if you are interested, feel free to dm me at Lividly (Deathblade)! :blush:

Hello, I came across this post and found myself interested in your guild. If there’s space available please let me know. I’m on the Azena server under the character name Arumaha.