[NA East - Azena] <Winter Night> New Casual Guild, looking to recruit chill and friendly people :)

Hello everyone, I created a new guild hoping to build a very warm, friendly and comfy community. The minimum Ilvl required to instantly join is 302. Come join if you share the same kind of vibes so we can help each other and do cool raids together! :3

PS. I haven’t made a discord for the guild yet, but if more people join I will definitely make one for those comfortable to join the discord. I’m only 1355 btw.

I’m looking at switching to azena. Currently on Adrinne but it’s ghost town for what I want to do in the game. I’ll let you know if I switch over tomorrow!

For sure, it would be great if you were able to join.

bump :slight_smile:

bump :3

“Nice to meet you” I’m looking for a guild. Who does a raid every week. I’m in 1417 with altos in 1340 and 1310 and a few more close to Tir 3

Feel free to join us, I wish to gain new members for doing raids as well. Some are not at tier 3 yet though, but if you still wish to join feel free to do so.

I’m in Glatur. Sorry

Oh I see, no problem.



bump :slight_smile:

could you maybe message me please, im on azena and looking for a cool guild

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You can instantly join as long as you are ilvl 302, unless you aren’t 302 you can add me Yuiihan and I can send you an invite when you are online