NA East crash cost me P3 Argos run

I was running Argos with a 1400+ team
We were in the middle of P3 when I got dced, I logged back in to see our run finished, I got no rewards and other players had dced as well.

Galatur server
Character name Rayesfatthighs
Power 1405.83 as of April 23

Pls help

Amazon. PLEASE Give us a restoration ticket. Your server crashed on Galatur while i was AT THE END OF ARGOS PHASE 2. I LOGGED BACK IN AND I HAVE NO REWARDS. NO GOLD. NO ITEMS. NO ARGOS BLOOD. NOW IM LOCKED OUT FOR A WEEK. Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot HELP US
Character name: Kisharu
Server: Galatur

Ive talked to some friends and they said they got a ticket after logging back on, I have not gotten a ticket yet.