NA East {Danube} PressGtoWin LvL 15 Active Discord, HM Vykas, PVP, GVG. Hardcore Gamers with a casual attitude

We are a secondary guild to Milk Duds, together we represent the 2nd and 10th (6th last week but dropped because of July 4th weekend) ranked guilds on the server. Together we have one discord, over 7 Vykas HM static groups and still finding a home for more people. We have people that enjoy all aspects of the game whether it be sailing and ignea tokens, death matches in the arena, or progression of the newest content. We have plenty of space and would love to have you.

PressGtoWin definitely needs some more PvPers and GvGers so if you enjoy a Sunday night showdown, hit us up. Gold goes to those who participated.

Our contribution minimum and goal is 400, and I give back 75-85% of the bloodstones to the guild members. We have 8500 max research and should hopefully start 9500 max when we hit level 16 next Wednesday.

My co lead and I have always been huge proponents of patience and helping others so even if you don’t feel you have the “top talent” come chill and have a good time!

Discord name is: SeansNSFW#6969