NA East {Danube} PressGtoWin LvL 8 going on 9

Long time gamers that come from different gaming communities. We are looking to slowly grow our player base. We have a fairly active guild discord with people in voice during popular play hours. Always available to be helpful. We have players that range from pre-50 to i1400. We are eventually hoping to have a raid team to do normal nights (multiple groups 3-4 nights a week). For now just getting to know people and learn about the game. We are looking for guys and gals that are late 20s to 40s and laid back. Please contact me here with any questions, if you would like to join, or check out the discord. The guild is level 8 and we are very active in T3 and expanding so we can benefit from all the goodies a guild can provide. Very accepting of people from all walks of life, we just expect a certain maturity level and the ability to have humanity and still keep politics out of the chat :slight_smile:

We have 2 spots right now. I am particularly interested in recruiting an officer with guild leadership experience, discord organization experience, and a great attitude.

Discord name is: SeansNSFW#6969