[NA East - Danube] Watchtower - Noobs and Vets welcome!

Watchtower is a gaming community and social group that is open and inviting to all. We are 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly, and promote non-toxicity. We understand that day-to-day life can be taxing, and some of us just want a chill place to hang out with friends. Besides our open voice channels, have interactive text channels, and even do some giveaways now and then!

We focus on casual, and at times competitive, gameplay in order to have fun and enjoy our time together. The games we play span a variety of genres including shooters, open world, MMO, survival, puzzle, VR, sandbox, and many more. We are always hoping to grow and bring together more friends, so hop in to the community.

Most recently some of us have taken to playing Lost Ark together on the NA East server Danube. None of us are pros, and we don’t expect you to be either. Having new friends/guildmates for this game, as well as others, is always a good time to be had.

you can join us in our discord for gameplay, laughs, and memes at The Watchtower

NOTE: This is not strictly a Lost Ark community, there’s a few people who play this, but a variety of games are played here, so feel free to hop in and hangout for other games as well! =D