[NA East] Danube - We Friends Lv 12 Casual Guild | LF Community Driven Players Update#5

Guild: We Friends | Server: Danube | Region: NA-East

|About Us|
We are a casual guild looking to further expand to tackle more content. Our Current goal is build a community while tackling similar content (End-Game raids/Dungeon/Plat Fields). We current are looking for active players to join us and build upon our current culture. Join us now so we can establish new consistent groups for more end game content (Maps/WorldBosses/PVP). It could be you who makes the difference in finalizing these groups.

We are a Casual Guild and we plan to create and maintain this space. We hope to find wanders/groups looking to hang out after working or school . Push content at their own pace, we want this guild to be a place of haven, a place for enjoyment, We hope you can finalize this space with your presence.

We have a Discord and a Global Chat, so its easier for you to stay connect to the guild even on alts. We are planning on expanding and customizing out discord for more convince in the future.

|Guild Status|
-Lv 14 Guild Limited spots
-Guild Shop lv 5
-Discord + Global chat
-Helpful info
-1400+'s in the Guilds
-No toxic environment
-Active and expanding Leaders who take all advice for further improvement
-We have 2 Valtan HM static sunday at 6pm
-GVG and GVE is Saturday 5-6pm est (Average 16 people partipate)
-We rank roughly 2nd and 3rd in gvgve activities.

-Donate to guild regularly and do guild quest (Voteable | default cube + boss)
-Be active, we have a 14 days inactivity kick ( If you inform us we extend)
-Join our discord (Optional/No mic required)
-ilvl 1400 min → aim for 1445+

|Important Notice|
We are current focused on 1400+ Support players.
OR 1415+ DPS Class (We will be more selective for DPS)

Apply we lv-up every week, shoot your shot!

Find us through Guild finder or Contact our Gm for more information@ Summrie#5719 or if your at a lower ilvl and think your a great fit!

Hey People! We Friends GM here. Thanks for reading/Applying and checking us out. Since my last update we had an influx of 8 new players. Our Global chat is active and our guild pushes to do more content with each other! We are still look to max out our guild with active players! Rather then active players, we found that we would love to have community players. If you think you fit this pls join our guild! We will be waiting.

Just wanted to Give a small but big update. We Friends has reach full capacity with a 90%+ player activity rate. I would like to thank everyone for applying and make this guild bigger and better. I hope for us to grow this guild bigger to so we can add more people. This will be my final post unit we grow with more slots or need to refill slots.

Quick Update, We have expanded to lv 10 and soon to be lv 11! With these upgrade Im looking to fill the remain 2 spots with an addition 2 upon level up. Iv’e come with the goal of helping my guildmates fill slots in there valtan groups. Im looking for any 1400+ to come join our guild. I will prioritize 1445+ but still looking to expand so apply if your under its okay. We are casual guild and will not punish for being under. Come Join we are active and always pushing gvg content.

Hey everyone, We are about to hit a large milestone in the guild, LV 13! This means we will have 10 more slots Available and open for people to apply. My overall plan with this update is fill our guild with Classes and roles we are lacking. So I will primarily focusing on getting 1400+ support mains and 1415+ DPS classes. Feel free to apply if you fall under one of these requirements. If you have a friend that’s lower than the requirements, message me. We can work out the issues and accept them even if they are lower. A guild is to bring people together, not to separate them. Consider us as a new home for you. APPLY NOW!

Ps. Dont make me start poaching from other guilds >:)