[NA-East-Galatur] BunchofScrubs lv.12 LF 1400+ Members

-Guild Name: BunchofScrubs
-Focus: GvX/PvX
-Server: Galatur
-Timezone:NA CST/EST
-Guild Level: 15
-Guildshop: 5

We are a chill semi Hardcore/Causal guild looking for more members interested in GvG,GvE and Raiding. We Run Hardmode Valtan/vykas, and any other current raid around 2pm Server time(EST) Saturday and then we have a night group Normal mode Valtan that raids Saturday Nights and alt argos runs on sunday. We also do GvE on Saturday at 1pm server time and again at 7pm Server time sunday and GvG sunday as well.

We also have 3 alt guilds

-Be active
-Join discord during guild activies
-No Drama

Discord: BunchofScrubs/Scrub Alliance

Looking for more GvG scrubs

To the top babby